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What is eQual Certified?

We are a company that provides a turnkey quality system, along with a vetting process, that includes an initial audit and follow-up audits by fellow remote pilots. All audits will be conducted electronically via e-mail, phone, video conferencing to save the operator time and money. The quality system includes a quality/safety manual, training manual, and forms manual, in a template format ready to be implemented with your company’s specific business information and model.

Who is eQual Certified?

We are fellow drone operators too! We get it. Our company, started by pilots with 20+ years of aviation experience, saw a need for all commercial drone operators to have access to a simplified process that would ensure the highest level of safety. Our model of safety and risk assessment, compliant with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 107 and the associated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidance material is easily implemented via a downloadable manual, which is then audited by fellow pilots trained in the vetting process.

Why a quality system for drone operations?

To ensure regulatory compliance with current FAR’s. We believe if the drone industry self regulates, it will make the public safer and the FAA’s job easier. Our model is for drone operators that desire to bring their company to the next level, and by doing so reap the benefits of increased safety, quality and reduction in insurance premiums.

The FAA Administrator, Michael P. Huerta, recently spoke at the InterDrone conference in Las Vegas on September 7, 2016 and he said,

I’m encouraged that when we . . . talk to people, . . . everyone . . . is approaching this new segment of aviation from a perspective of safety first . . . we all agree on one thing, we want to see safe integration of unmanned aircraft.

The President of Praxis Aerospace Concepts International, Jonathan Daniels, testified before a House hearing in Washington, D.C. on September 27, 2016 and he said,

When there is, and it is coming, when there is that thing that happens that draws the attention, know one is going to look at whether they were doing the right thing or not, know one is going to look at whether they were actually were following the rules, they are going to look at it as a industry failure.

– Jonathan Daniels

Drone operators who want to ensure they bring their drone operations to a higher level of safety can do so by implementing the quality standards in the eQual manual. Doing so will bring them to the pinnacle of the industry with regards to quality standards and safety, all while bringing a higher level of quality control and safety for not just their individual company but also for other aircraft and the general public.

Why Choose Us

eQual Certified uses four simple steps to certification:

      • Registration
      • Implementation
      • Audit
      • Annual Follow-Up

What Others Say

Just what is needed.
FAA FSDO Inspector
We will gladly give discounts to those drone companies that are eQual certified.
Insurance broker
Knowing that I have produced a quality manual for all areas of safety, risk mitigation, and have checklists to ensure proper procedures are accomplished on daily basis is comforting.
Drone operator
Being put on a list showing we will be eQual Certified for bigger companies looking to hire a drone company is a definite plus.
Drone company